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Living Water Full Gospel Church The History & Vision

On January 1, 1978, Living Water Full Gospel Church held its first service in a rented storefront building on Main Road in Jamesport with approximately 30 people in attendance.  Although, in actuality Living Water began a few years earlier when its founding Pastors, Frank and Phyllis Dupree, held prayer meetings in their home in Centereach, Long Island.  Soon there were more than 50 people jamming into their living room to worship and pray.  As time went by, Pastors Frank & Phyllis began to feel the Holy Spirit drawing them away from the revival that was taking place in central Long Island, but they weren’t sure where to go.  They traveled to Florida where they owned a small home. They knew that God was telling them to let go of their retirement home because they had a lot of work ahead.  So they sold the house and traveled back north—stopping several times and praying for God’s direction.  They felt a burden for many of the areas they stopped at, but they didn’t feel that they were to stay; they didn’t sense a call.  When they arrived back on Long Island, they drove past their home in Centereach and continued east.  They just thought they’d drive around a little and decided to stop at a real estate office to see what kinds of homes were available.  They were shown a beautiful old home on the Main Road in Laurel.  When they walked in the front door Pastor Frank knew he was home.  They put a binder on the home and went back to Centereach.  They met with their pastor and told them of their thoughts and wanted to have his input on the matter.  Their pastor sensed that God was calling them and told them to go with his blessing.  They sold their home and moved to Laurel in the winter of 1976. 

They began holding prayer meetings and Sunday services at their new home.  In September of 1977, they held a backyard revival meeting called, “Jesus Alive ‘77”.  In the fall of that same year, Pastor George & Carolyn Dupree began Saturday night youth meetings at Pastor Frank & Phyllis’ house.  In late December, they rented a storefront building in Jamesport and on January 1, 1978, they held their first Sunday service.  Soon after, Pastors Mike & Rose Smith became a part of the ministry.  In 1979 the wall separating the building had to be torn down to make room for the growing congregation.  A year later, after months of searching, property was going to be purchased in Riverhead.  The congregation of less than 80 people gave an offering in what Pastor Frank called “Sacrifice Sunday.”  Many of the congregation gave a week’s salary to be used as a down payment for the land.  That day they raised $7,000.00, and in the summer of 1980 the building of the new facility had begun.  By this time, the Jesus Alive revivals were a yearly event.  Instead of open-air meetings, there was a tent erected on the new property.  By October 1980, the building was completed and was dedicated before a standing room only crowd of members and friends.  The tent revival meetings were always a highlight of the summer for the Living Water family.  Guests would come and minister to the crowds and hundreds of lives were touched and changed by the Holy Ghost. 

In 1981, Living Water opened a Christian School.  Children have always been a great part of the family and many of the children we taught and loved now teach and love the next generation at Living Water.  For the next seven years there always seemed to be dirt piles and construction equipment on the property as Living Water expanded from 3,000 to over 13,000 square feet of facility.

In 1986, Pastors Mike and Rose Smith were sent out of Living Water’s Riverhead location to serve as the senior pastors at what would become Living Water Full Gospel Church in East Hampton, (now located in Wainscott) where they served as Senior Pastor's for 20 years before retiring from the Pastoral Ministry.

The Joseph’s Storehouse began in 1987 in downtown Riverhead.  It is a lifeline to the needy of our community.  Distributing food and clothing, Joseph’s Storehouse has served the natural and spiritual need of thousands of people.  Pat Scionti, who is an elder and was one of the original members of the church, is the director of the Joseph’s Storehouse.

In August of 1988, Pastor Rick Saladon was ordained into the ministry of Living Water as an associate pastor.

In October of 1991, Pastor Frank turned the position of senior pastor over to Pastor George Dupree.

The current ministry consists of Senior Pastor’s George and Carolyn Dupree, Associate Pastor Rick Saladon, Elders Linda Saladon and Pat Scionti. Pastor’s Frank & Phyllis Dupree are still actively involved in the ministry of Living Water.

The deacons at Living Water assist in various tasks that would be overwhelming if the pastoral ministry had to see to all of them.  By their service, they free the pastors up to do the things that God has called them to do.  Our deacons are:  Sue Menard, Ray Wiwczar, Vincent Scionti, Tina Gilligan, Elaine Bompart, Charlene Johnson and Vilma Herzog, Joe Wagner, Mario Sequin.

Our vision at Living Water is prophetic and it is two-pronged.  God has given Pastor George a vision for the Kingdom of God coming into the lives of the people of our church and our community. 

We have a number of ministries within the church that function to help fulfill this vision.  Among them are:  Pastoral Care, Youth Fellowships, Married Couples’ Fellowships, Singles’ Fellowships, Ushering Ministry, Home and Hospital Visitation, New Life Principles, Music and the Arts Ministries, Children’s Church Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Joseph’s Storehouse Ministry, Bible Studies, Women’s Fellowship, Men’s Fellowship and Welcome Ministry.

Praise & worship are at the foundation of our faith, and at Living Water we shout with a voice of triumph to our King! 

Dance and the arts are all a part of our expression of worship to God. 

Teaching is a vital link in the chain that anchors our lives to Jesus.  We want to be rooted and grounded in Him so we can be all that He wants us to be.

Preaching the gospel with truth and zeal at Living Water, we desire to have God speak to us and to be touched by the Holy Spirit.  We want our lives to be changed, and molded into His image. We want to follow Him.

Our children are our successors. We know that if we give them the gospel with love and concern, they will lead the future and we can have hope.

Living Water is a place for the whole person, spirit, soul & body.  It is a place of love, a place of concern, a place to serve.  And of course, Living Water is a place to pray.

Have You Made Peace With God? If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, you are encouraged to make this decision now as you pray the following prayer: “Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins. I ask You to come into my heart; wash me with Your blood. I make You my Lord and Savior. God, You’re now more than my God; You’re my Heavenly Father and I’m going to serve You all the days of my life. Jesus is my Lord. Amen."


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